Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stranded at the store

Stranded at the store

Oops ...

Do you have a fancy modern car that doesn’t even have a key? That pushbutton on the dash almost got me into trouble.

I took my wife to work one morning and when she got out, the car beeped at me. I peered at the flashing icon on the dash and it was in the shape of a red key. Immediately, I rolled down my window and called to my wife who fortunately hadn’t gotten across the plaza.

What happened was that on the way out the door at home I’d set my keys down to pick up something else. The car started with the “key” she had in her purse. Since I’d only put it in Park when she got out, it would continue to run without a key. But, when it got shut down, it wouldn’t start again for me.

Since I was planning to make a couple stops, I could have ben stranded far from my “key” at home or hers on the 13th floor.

Morals (workarounds) to the story:
• Always be sure you have your keys.
• Always lock the car doors. With my car, the driver’s-side door won’t unlock if the dongle is at the passenger door.
• Always turn the car off when a key owner is getting out.
• Don’t assume the alert on the dash is just the dog moving around without a seat belt.

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